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“Behind the Neo-Classicist façade beats the heart of a closet Romantic.”


-Dan Gawthrop, former critic for the Washington Post, discussing Crosby's Viola Sonata

Composer. Teacher. Author. Leader.

Richard Crosby was born in Ashland, Ohio and raised in Largo, Florida.

He holds the Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education (1979), the Master of Music degree in Piano and Wind Conducting (1981) and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano (1990), all from the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.


Dr. Crosby was appointed to the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University in 1986 where he serves as an EKU Foundation Professor. He was Chair of the Faculty Senate from 2021-23.


Initiated in 1975 into the Eta-Omicron chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Dr. Crosby served three terms as National President (1994-97, 2003-06, 2006-09). He has received the Orpheus Award, was made a Signature Sinfonian in 2015 and is one of only 3 living recipients of the Ossian E. Mills Award.


Dr. Crosby’s new album, titled “By the Waters of Memory,” will be released through Navonna (streaming) and Naxos (CDs) on February 2nd. It will contain, 

-By the Waters of Memory

-Variations Op. 13

-Sonata for Viola and Piano Op. 10

-Four Latin Dances for Oboe and Piano Op. 14

-Sonata for Cello and Piano Op. 19

-Sonata for Piano in B Minor Op. 21


His compact disc/cassette recording, “An American Portrait,” released in 1994, features works by Charles Griffes, Amy Beach, William Grant Still, David Guion, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Lee Hoiby and George Gershwin. This disc is available on the PARMA label. He is also a composer of numerous published works, including the soundtrack to the documentary, "The Essential Eastern," which tells the history of Eastern Kentucky University ( He is the author of, “The All-In-One Laboratory Piano Course,” published by Kendall Hunt, and "Thoughts on Life and Leadership."

Richard Crosby


"Whether an emerging leader or a seasoned sage, readers will find Dr. Crosby’s book groundbreaking in the understanding of leadership. In a few short pages, he casts a wide net into which readers can go deep into considering their approaches to leadership.

Dr. Crosby adds a new dimension to the leadership lexicon—reflection, upon which one can gain clarity of leadership theory and grasp control of leadership practices.

Even the title of Dr. Crosby’s book gives insight into its content— Thoughts on Life and Leadership. It demonstrates how one’s life is intertwined with one’s leadership. It gives one a reference point from which the relevancy of one’s leadership choices is clear.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons from Dr. Crosby in this book is found in the charge given at the beginning of Chapter IV, which explains several leadership (and life) lessons. The charge:  'Mastery of these is key not to just good leadership but living a good life.'

Among the lessons are Patience, Persistence, and a very different take than what you might be expecting on 'When Life Give You Lemons.' Dr. Crosby writes, 'When life gives ME lemons, it just makes me mad.' He then explains masterfully what to do next. 

The following chapter deals with picking the right organization to lead, finding the leadership style that works for you, embracing conflict, et al.  The section on 'Anticipointment' is extremely important in knowing how to react when people you’re leading (or trying to) aren’t responding.

Dr. Crosby’s book is great for individual study, group discussion, and I am even considering using it as a primary resource to develop a leadership course. Thank you, Dr. Crosby for this book of 'Rich Leadership!'"



"I've read countless books on leadership. I've attended numerous seminars. Covey, Ziglar, Welch, Robbins... all of them. And in truth, they are all fantastic. However I often found myself challenging a premise because I didn't feel like I could connect to the uber-successful, multi-millionaire type --- regardless of how accurate the advice was. --- Maybe it's because I'm now reading this book in my 50's rather than reading the above in my 20's... and I now recognize personal success isn't in direct correlation to fame, fortune, and legacy... but this book speaks to me in ways that the others missed.
The author writes this as if he is sitting across the table from you, offering his experiences and his learnings through a life that many can identify with. Yes, he is incredibly successful in his field, both personally and professionally - but he remains grounded in basic principles that we each can identify with.
This book wasn't a CEO having his thoughts and memoirs sorted, drafted, and flourished into perfect prose. No. This book was a virtual sit down with a common man who has achieved uncommon results through principled discipline. The man of the community who everyone knows. The man everyone admires, not for his achievement, but for who he is.
No. This isn't an advanced course on leadership. But maybe... just maybe... this is the basic lesson that we all need to refocus, be comfortable in our own skin, and apply ourselves to the ultimate goal.
Enable others to be better versions of themselves through our own service."



"Thoughts on Life and Leadership is a must read for future and veteran leaders, no matter how long you have been leading! Each one of Dr. Crosby’s points on leadership is presented in such a concise way that you will be laughing, reflecting, thinking, and (most importantly) turning pages. So much of what Dr. Crosby speaks about centers around an important fact: leadership, although at times hard, can be the most rewarding aspect of your life and will allow you to impact and influence the lives of others."




"Dr. Richard Crosby offers an intimate reflection of his life in the book, 'Thoughts on Life and Leadership.’ Written in a conversational tone, Crosby shares glimpses of his life from a child to a seasoned university music educator, composer, and current faculty senate chair, and how he responded to life’s ups and downs. As one who has spent my career in public relations, I most appreciated his encouragement for us to become better listeners – a critical aspect of leadership in any organization – and the value of honesty. In addition to these values, Crosby offers many other insights readers will enjoy and value in this, his inaugural work.”




"Dr. Crosby’s 'Thoughts on Life and Leadership' is an encouraging and inspiring account of his leadership journey. His heartwarming accounts bring a very humanistic perspective of how to grow as individuals and leaders while shepherding those around us to empower them for their own success. Dr. Crosby’s candid views and lessons of leadership are relevant across all groups and organizations in an ever-changing world. You can sense his devotion to others as a true servant leader, and I can attest to it from witnessing his ability to lead."



"Dr. Crosby's leadership style of consensus building is a breath of fresh air in a world that continues to grow further apart. Throughout my career, whether it be as a young leader within the fraternity, a political operative, an investigator, or as a practicing attorney, the lessons imparted by Dr. Crosby continue to not only guide my decision making processes, but also help me become successful in the process. He gave me the foundational building blocks of leadership needed to focus a young and eccentric mind while allowing me the freedom to develop my own style through his teachings, thereby, "making it my own." There is no doubt in my mind that without his intervention, mentorship, and compassion, I would not be the person or attorney I am today. Any aspiring leader should pick this up, read it, and revisit it annually. I know I will."


Richard Crosby


Sonata for Violin and Piano in D Minor Op. 27

Coming Soon to J. W. Pepper

Sonata for Trombone and Piano Op. 1

ITA Manuscript Press


Appalachian Variations Op. 2 - For Symphonic Band

TRN Music Publisher


Flourish for Organ Op. 3

J. W. Pepper


Three Songs on Poems by Robert Burns Op. 4



Three Songs on Poems by Edgar Allan Poe Op. 5



Elegy for Oboe and Piano



Ships That Pass In The Night (Dunbar)



Marudvina for Violin and Piano Op. 7



A Walt Whitman Portrait Op. 8 - For SATB Chorus and Symphonic Band

Northeastern Music Publications


By The Waters of Memory Op. 9 for solo Piano (also available for Cello and Piano)

J. W. Pepper

Sonata for Viola and Piano Op. 10

J. W. Pepper


Tribute Op. 11 - For grade 1.5 symphonic band

Northeastern Music Publications

Trumpet Concerto in Bb Op. 12 - With Symphonic Band - With Piano reduction

J. W. Pepper


Variations Op. 13 for Solo Piano

J. W. Pepper

Four Latin Dances Op. 14 for Oboe and Piano

J. W. Pepper


He Shall Cover Thee Op. 15 for SSATB Chorus

Colla Voce


Remembrance Op. 16 for Marimba and Piano

J. W. Pepper


On The Beach at Night (Whitman) Op.17 - For TTBB Chorus

J.W. Pepper


Ricercare Op. 18 for Trombone Ensemble

Cimarron Music Press


Sonata Op. 19 for Cello and Piano

J. W. Pepper


Canzona Op. 20 for Trombone Ensemble

Cimarron Music Press


Sonata in B minor for Piano Op. 21

C. F. Peters - Available Through Alfred Music Publications



The Transience of Things Op. 22  - For Trumpet, Violin and Piano


Album for the Young for Piano Op. 23


Dances Op. 24 for Piano

J. W. Pepper

Characteristic Pieces Op. 25

J. W. Pepper

Lyric Duet for 2 Trombones and Piano Op. 26

Cimarron Music Press

Sonata  for Violin and Piano in D Minor Op. 27

J. W. Pepper


Stream An American Portrait

Crosby's Compositions

Published Works

Thoughts on Life and Leadership

Drawing on nearly 50 years of leadership experience, “Thoughts on Life and Leadership” is not your typical leadership book. It deals not only with tried-and-true leadership themes featured in standard books in the field but focuses on the reality of the author’s leadership experience, including things that many leaders wish someone had warned them about before they took the leadership plunge.


Part biography, part philosophy, full of anecdotes and told in a down-to-earth style, “Thoughts on Life and Leadership” is at times humorous and at times serious. It shows the author’s own journey from a determined, insecure teen to a seasoned organizational leader comfortable in his own skin, dedicated to the betterment of the organizations and colleagues he leads. As he points out, leadership is not always fun, and it is even less fun for those who get into leadership for the wrong reasons. But leadership is critical, now more than ever, in our fractious world. This book is for those willing to take on the burden of leadership, in spite of the challenges, to make the world a better place.

Thoughts on Life and Leadership
Richard Crosby
The All-In-One Laboratory Piano Course

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience teaching group piano, The All-In-One Laboratory Piano Course is one of the most comprehensive books of its type on the market. Many texts are designed for adult beginning musicians or focus heavily on one or two skills such as harmonization and transposition.


The All-In-One Laboratory Piano Course is designed for a 4-semester sequence for college music majors (or high school students in a lab situation) who have a basic ability to read music.

It includes:
Easy to Intermediate Pieces Starting with Pentachords
The Development of Fingering
Introduction to Pedaling
Technical Exercises
Scales and Arpeggios
Sight Reading
Rhythmic Sight Reading
Clefs and Transposing Instruments
Score Reading and Duets

Designed to be more affordable than many such books on the market, The All-In-One Laboratory Piano Course is a loose-leaf hole-punched workbook that fits into a standard 3 ring binder and includes space for note taking. Finally, a practical, reasonably priced group piano book that covers all of the necessary skills for college music majors and more!

Richard Crosby




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Richard Crosby
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